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At Dotson’s Home Improvements Barn Pros, we know that barns require a special and specific approach to construction. That is why if are you looking for affordable, high-quality barn restoration services in Middle Tennesse, area we can help. At Dotson’s Home Improvements barn Pros we combine affordable pricing with top quality work and great customer service. We have the experience and know how to handle barn projects of any size.


Every year we have a higher percentage of our customers interested in complete barn restoration, or partially restoring and returning their barn back to its original condition. Restoration of barns involves many areas, including stone foundations, sills, barn straightening, frame repair, wood wall sheathing, and milled batten strips. We custom fabricate Dutch doors, slider doors, operable window units with barn sash, and fixed or operable barn louvers either in pine or cedar. Doors may also be covered in colored flat metal.

Most barns have milled batten strips, which are no longer available. By using special cutters, we custom produce our own to match the original profiles, both front and back in 2&1/4” widths. These batten strips cover the vertical joints of our 1×12 x 7/8” pine wall sheathing.

Dotson’s Home Improvements has years of experience in structural repairs, siding, flooring, masonry, roofs, windows, and all the parts and pieces of barn repair and construction. There is no aspect of a barn structure that we can not service.

With over 25 years of experience in barn repair, we can address any need your building may have. Masonry, siding, roofing, flooring, and frame repairs. There is no aspect of a barn we cannot service.

You can see some example of Dotson’s Home Improvements restoration work below.

Generally, when a dairy barn is being converted to accommodate modern needs for horse usage, the basement posts and king-beams do not match horse stall sizes. We can relocate the posts with new masonry bases, change king-beams and reinforce the mow floor framing. We turn 100-year-old timber frame barns into usable modern horse barn, while maintaining the barns heritage.

Sad to say, many times a barn is going to be demolished. If the structure is in good shape, we have the ability to dismantle the structure, store on site, or relocate and erect the barn on another site. If interested, call or email Dotson’s Home Improvements


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We Do New Barns From the Ground Up As Well As Restoration and Repair!

We can put on new wood siding, or new metal siding depending on the barn and the owner’s discretion. When a metal roof has served its purpose and is over 100 years old; we can install a brand new roof in its place. New doors installed, new windows installed. All of these projects are different because many barns were not all built at the same time in history. We have brought sincere satisfaction to many different people who own these barns. Turning old barns into homes, garages, commercial stores, pole barns, and yes restoring them back into barns is our passion.

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