Pressure Washing for Commercial & Residential

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For all of your home improvement needs. You name it, we do it!

For business and home owners, the cleanest call you’ll ever make is Dotson’s Home Improvements Pressure Wash!
When it comes to removing caked on mud and grime from your fleet vehicles, cleaning the moss off of your concrete walkways and driveways or roof cleaning, or even The Whole House, Dotson’s Home Improvements Pressure Wash is the only pressure wash service in Dickson, Spring Hill and surrounding areas that you need to call.

When your property is dirty it reflects on you and in the case of a business can even affect the morale of your employees. Don’t send the wrong message to them, the people you do business with or your neighbors.

Dotson’s Home Improvements Pressure Wash provides both residential and commercial pressure cleaning services. And Dotson’s understands that, while you enjoy having your fleet, property or home sparkling clean, you don’t necessarily want pressure wash services delivered at a time of day that’s disruptive to your business or lifestyle, so scheduling your power wash services isn’t a problem.

Pressure Washing for Structures

You take pride in your home or business. When the weather and time take their toll, leaving residue, moss and mold, unsightly stains from vehicles or other grime, it can be pretty disheartening to look at your property. Not only does it affect you and your family, employees or the people who do business with you, it can actually present health risks.

From roof moss to grimy, moldy siding and dirt build-up to sidewalk and driveway hazards caused by oil stains or other unhealthy filth to moss covered driveways and walkways, Dotson’s Home Improvements Pressure Wash is the only pressure washing service you’ll ever need… and it’s the cleanest call you’ll ever make. Learn more about our services:

Parking Structures / Lots
Commercial Buildings
Siding & Storefronts
Commercial Roofs
Floating Homes
Multi-Family Housing

Ground & Concrete Pressure Wash Services

Dotson’s Home Improvements Pressure Wash offers a range of ground and concrete pressure washing services, including:

Parking Lots & Structures
Patios & Decks
Loading Docks & Freight Areas
Drive Thrus

Heavy Equipment Cleaning

It’s a heavy job that requires heavy equipment. Keeping your equipment well maintained doesn’t end with mechanics. Dirt, grime and job site debris can damage your heavy equipment just as much as ignoring mechanical issues. You need a partner who understands that heavy equipment cleaning is about more than hosing something off. Keeping your equipment clean requires a pro who understands what it takes to get the job done right.

Dotson’s Home Improvements Pressure Wash has been blasting away the dirt and grime that keeps heavy equipment, including generators and lifts, from operating at peak efficiency.

Dotson’s Home Improvements Pressure Wash uses the greenest practices in the pressure washing industry, and works hard to keep you up, running and feeling good about your equipment by servicing it when it doesn’t need to be up and running.

Areas we service Dickson, Fairview, Franklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill, Thompson’s Station, Columbia, Mt Pleasant, Chapel Hill, Lewisburg, Cornersville, Petersburg, Centerville, Nunnelly, Bucksnort, TN.

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